prometalfest vol 6

Špatná zpráva ze stáje Goretrade dorazila k Nám.

Kapela musela z osobních důvodů zrušit celé evropské turné, tudíž nevystoupí ani v Bruntále na speciálu. Rozhodně ale nebudete ochuzeni o pořádný masakr! Kapelu, která "nahradí" Goretrade je minimálně stejný nářez!!  Jedna z nejrespektovanějších deathmetalových kapel ze Slovenska, kapela SUBURBAN TERRORIST!! 

prometalfest vol 6

Zde je tisková zpráva kapely GORETRADE, zaslaná Vladimírovi Prokošovi ( Fleshless ), jakožto jejich tourmanagerovi pro ČR: 

I am writing to inform you the reasons why our tour may not be realized.

until a few weeks ago everything was working perfect , in fact we were doing shows in Holland and Israel and everything went very well done . we were preparing for our performances at festivals , which were managed by the agency " Nice to eat you booking agency" which is headed by our friend Vladimir Prokos , who very politely volunteered to organize the tour for us as he has made with many other bands in previous occasions.  we all  know about the honesty , seriousness and professionalism that Valdimir inject in every tour and every band that he has worked .

right now the band goes through maybe a bad time because our bassist Mike , must travel in coming days to our home country Colombia , to solve some family problems there, and not enough with this, our live drummer Mauro , was cited to Spain to make his declaration of nationality in this country. for me, it is a blow to all the work that i've been doing since years ago trying to get a good position and a good name in the guild of " Brutal Death" around the world. all those who know my work, know that I do not usually break my dealings but this time, everything is out of reach of my powers as a bandleader. politely ask you to excuse me from this bad moment for myself and for the management agency is very unfortunate.

I take this statement to exalt the work of Vladimir Prokos as tour manager and promoter of the Undergound bands and I want to apologize to him and all the promoters for this failure on my part. being not more want to  reiterate my sincere thanks for your understanding. thank you very much for trusting in our band and our music and hope to resolve this unfortunate event later.

Cesar Vera  

Guitar/Vocals  Goretrade